While it’s true that the most important aspect of your wedding day is your spouse, the second biggest decision is where you will marry. There are several details to keep in mind when choosing this important local.


When you envision your wedding day how does it look? The setting you choose will give you the canvas to paint that perfect picture. If you want an floral arch to stand under overlooking the ocean, a barn just will not do. Pick an appropriate setting and build from there.


Your wedding day is just that, Yours! However, your guests need to be considered also. How many of your loved ones you invite might also dictate the size of your venue. If you have guests with special needs you may need to keep them in mind. While they should not distract from your memorable event, it is important to plan accordingly when it comes to your guests.


For some, money is not an object when it comes to nuptials, but for many the budget will be the deciding factor in many of the decisions. Does your venue offer packages? What is included? Can you afford extras, if not included in any packages? These are some important things to consider. Also, some venues may be great for wedding only, or may offer wedding and reception. Or perhaps your choice is to marry in one venue, with the reception to follow elsewhere. For example, you may want to get married in your favorite spot in Central Park, and then head to an indoor venue nearby for your celebratory wedding receptions in NYC.


Your wedding will be amazing with the right setting. The choices will be overwhelming but not impossible. If you need guidance a wedding planner is suggested.

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