For over 30 years, Sussex Health Care has provided assistance to those in need. Sussex strives to offer the best individual care for its residents. Sussex Health Care has multiple facilities to help provide assistance to the community. Sussex is known for its emphasis that all residents engage in some type of physical activity. There are different options available to help residents find something that suits their individual needs. Some of the different activities include; crafts, swimming, and gardening. Sussex believes that it is important that the mind and body stay active to help people maintain their overall health. Sussex helps treat people who are dealing with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other issues that could impact people’s cognitive abilities. Every resident is placed on a nutrition plan. Their meals are prepared on a daily basis and made with fresh ingredients.

SHC Audiology

Sussex Health Care Audiology helps look after patients who need a hearing air to assist them with potential hearing loss. The staff uses the most up to date equipment to help patients. SHC Audiology is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Recently, Sussex Health Care announced that they would be opening a new gym specifically for people who are elderly and disabled. Facility access has also been granted to all elderly people throughout the community, as well as people who have cognitive disabilities. Located in West Sussex, the gym features modern equipment to help people strengthen their movement. Residents can use bicycles, treadmills, elliptical machines, and hot tubes. The staff will work with residents to develop a unique exercise plan based on their respiratory and neurological needs. Residents will take a special assessment concerning their injury history and personal fitness goals. The staff will develop a unique plan based on the assessment answers.

Mobility Programs

For people who are suffering from different joint issues, the staff will have them perform different water exercises. That will reduce the impact on the muscles. Hydrotherapy is another option to improve the joints. Once people start to get their natural mobility back, the exercise program will expand. Residents may experience physiotherapy to help build up strength. They will be working with machines and weights.

Cognitive Disabilities

The gym staff will build on Sussex Health Care’s treatment for those who have learning disabilities due to some neurological issues. The residents will have their own exercise plan that will be both beneficial and enjoyable.

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