Ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high even though you don’t use as many things around the house or aren’t at home a lot? Energy consumption is one of the main reasons why your energy bill might be high, but not the energy that your appliances are taking up when being used; we are talking about the power that they take up when not in use. People are often guilty of leaving their general home appliances on even if they are not at home or not using them at the moment. Even though the appliance is not on at that given time, it might still be using up power, which can contribute to your skyrocketing electricity bill. Things as simple as leaving your phone to charge after the battery is already full or leaving your coffee maker on after you have finished using it can reduce your bill a lot more than you would think. Things like computers, even if kept in standby or sleep mode end up consuming a lot of power, increasing your overall carbon footprint significantly (https://www.saveonenergy.com/stream-energy/).


The phenomenon of a device eating up power even when not in use is known as Phantom Drain and is something that a lot of people tend to overlook. If you don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts on your electricity bill, then, by all means, keep your devices running, but if you want to save the unnecessary costs that you end up spending, that’s when you should turn off what you don’t need to use (GazetteDay). You can save roughly around 200$ on your electricity bills every year by doing something so simple that requires extremely little effort.


Stream Energy is a power company that is known to provide top of the line services to households across the country. The company provides power and wireless services in almost every state of America and is known for the incredible quality of services that they provide. The company operates out of its headquarters in Dallas and has been offering its services since 2005. The company has expanded well beyond the state of Texas and has started up power projects in several other locations in America.


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