What is it about Mike Bauer that makes him such an important businessman and entrepreneur?

Baur’s passion after all if helping those startup tech entrepreneurs get up and going. By assisting you technology startups, Bauer assists young business owners through his own startup Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. His incubator program assists Swiss entrepreneurs through mentoring and training. It also supplies funds to help promising startups get their businesses up and going.

Partnering with fellow Bern University graduate Max Meister, Baur was able to offer these startups free rent in one of Switzerland’s largest cities. Oliver Walzer was also on hand to help. Enterprises that were starting up under Swiss Startup would receive up to three months assistance, with participants given chances to network with other entrepreneurs in the tech world. This networking opportunity gives new business owners a greater likelihood of long term success.

Baur has led an impressive life. Growing up in Freiburg, Switzerland, he earned business degrees at both Bern University and University of Rochester. Bauer worked in the banking industry for well over two decades, before he began investing in startup companies.

Just as recently as January 2016, Baur was named Managing Director of a partnership between Swiss Startup and CTI Invest. He led Swiss Startup through its Goldback Group accelerator program, as well as developing another partnership with Fintech Fusion. Bauer was profiled in 2016 by the Wall Street Journal based on his career from banking in Switzerland to investments in entrepreneurs and startups.

Baur began his career in banking when he was only 16. He was a young financial expert, when he became an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. But it would be his transcendence through multiple companies, before he would see through his long term plan of building and supporting startup businesses. Bauer was a talented banker who chose to take his career path in an entirely different direction in 2014 with Swiss Startup Factory.

Baur and Swiss Factory also encourages young business owner to enter “pitching contests.” Competitions that occur at Swiss Universities enable 30 new entrepreneurs and company founders to publically speak about their business models, plans and products. Bauer has also founded “Think Reloaded,” which provided sophisticated financial advice for more affluent clients. This is about the time that Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI Invest.

Baur has stated before that Swiss Startup Factory is different from other incubators because it is independent. It does not operate as part of another company or business.