In Pennsylvania, Labor laws are never constant. Employers are advised to stay abreast with the laws. Below are laws that apply to all employers in Pennsylvania.

The Fair Labor Law Standards Act
The law gives the guideline on the issue of minimum wage. Elements contained in the law include overtime and working hours. Employers need to note that the federal minimum wage and the state minimum wage are different. As of June this year, the law set the minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. The state companies and contractors have been paying $10.15 since last year. The general rule is to pay the higher of the two if unsure of which to use.

The Family and Medical Leave Act
This law safeguards the employees from being fired or denied their health insurance if they take an unpaid leave on medical or family grounds. It allows 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave under special circumstances. They include when the employee is seriously sick, caring for their seriously sick family members, giving birth or caring for a toddler, adopting a new child, and when a family member who is a military officer is injured.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
The law came into place in 1967. The law safeguards older employees from being discriminated. Government organizations and contractors are the only ones affected by this law.

IRS Worker Classification
The law guides employers on whether to withhold taxes from employees’ salaries. It is important for employers to know which workers to classify as employees.

Hiring, Harassment, and Discrimination: Equal Employment Laws
Discrimination of employees based on race, religion, age and other special parameters is guided by several commissions. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission guides companies with at least 15 employees. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act guides companies with four to fourteen workers.

Situation-Specific Laws
There are other rules that the city, county or township can create. Employers need to be aware of them. One such law is from Philadelphia that restricts employers from asking potential employees about their salary history.

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