Jorge Moll Neto says it hard to talk about advancement in medicine and fail to mention technology as a contributor of the same. He is in fact excited about the emerging trend in medicine that has enhanced patient care and treatment. Dr. Albert Chan, the President of Sutter Health Innovation, based in the United States while addressing a scholar forum in Brazil, concurred with Jorge Neto’s notion.


He was appreciative of use of technology in medicine and said it has made management of patients much better than it was conventional. Although most of the innovations are made in the United States, they quickly spread to other countries and are cordially welcomed (Crunchbase). A medical consultant is more fruitful since the doctor can accord each patient attention without being disrupted by other activities. Digitalization has made it easy for the doctor to retrieve information, accurately diagnose and treat diseases.


Technology is tied to some notable benefits. First is the doctor-patient interaction that has been enhanced, secondly is concentration on the issue at hand without dividing attention to other issues and finally an in-depth analysis of the medical profile of the patient. These have brought patient experience in a health facility a notch higher, and productivity, on the other hand, goes up. The good thing is that Android phones and tablets can run Google glass and display information on a single command.


About Jorge Moll Neto

He is the President of d’Or Institute for Research and Teaching and also is the lead researcher ( Jorge Neto has been exploring different fields of medicine whose information is limited. He has widely researched on neurology, behavioral responses, psychology, and intellectual capabilities among many others. His studies are focused on improving one’s interaction and conception of ideas and knowledge.


Jorge Moll Neto finds tech software use in healthcare an exciting trend. This has led him to innovate and invent particular ways patient’s care and treatment can be improved. Jorge Moll Neto is a Public Health master’s graduate from the Rio de Janeiro University, Brazil. He currently resides in Rio De Janeiro and is raising a family of 5 children.


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