Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is an attorney in New York, that specializes in corporate governance. His recently opened boutique law firm deals primarily with executive compensation and benefits, which is his preferred discipline. He’s recently given some advice regarding a new option for employers and employees regarding their ESOP plans. “Knockout options,” as they’re called, offer many advantages of the traditional stock offerings to employees of larger corporations.


First, knockout options are capped at a certain rate. This means that if they drop below the established threshold, they’re immediately sold. This gives employees the benefit of knowing that their savings won’t deplete, as they may have in the past. Employers win because the accounting is much simpler. They also retain employees at a much higher rate, which improves morale and productivity. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein has a great deal of experience in corporate law. He was a partner at a well-known firm in New York before opening his current firm. He’s also contributed scholarly works to Harvard University and New York University. Having graduated from NYU with a Juris Doctor, he’s kept in touch with his roots by contributing to the Journal of Law.


Jeremy Goldstein also has a diverse educational background. He graduated with both bachelors and master’s degrees in art history, with honors. He’s also volunteered his time with the Fountain House, a charity that helps the homeless and mentally ill. Also, having donated his leadership skills to children’s organizations, he’s dedicated to serving his community.


With such a strong and well-rounded background, it’s easy to see why top corporations trust him to handle their toughest legal matters. His diplomacy and kindness have been recognized many times over, and he’s just getting started. Jeremy Goldstein is someone you’ll want to follow in the future.

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