Mark Holterman, MD is a pediatric surgeon with extensive experience. He maintains concurrent duties and responsibilities as the Mariam Global Health CEO as well as professor of pediatrics and surgery at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, something he has done over the past 5-years. As an active member, he supports what is being done by the IPSAC-VN.


IPSAC-VN has, from its inception, been working towards sustainably improving pediatric medicine designed for Vietnam’s youngest residents. Towards meeting that objective IPSAC-VN operates a number of initiatives providing medical supplies, personnel, and other resources that are needed in the region.


His Contribution


Mark Holterman, MD is a University of Illinois College of Medicine surgical and pediatrics professor, holding board positions with several medical organizations. In addition, he is a co-founder of and serves on the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT) executive board. AACT works together with the CellR4 medical journal in publishing research that is presented at different AACT conferences.


Previously, Dr. Holterman has served as Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital surgeon-in-chief and as the Rush University Medical Center attending surgeon.


His Passion


In his own words, he is excited about new technology and the way it can offer therapeutic platforms to be employed across an extensive range of diseases. He feels driven towards deploying innovative approaches in clinical care, and he is optimistic about the exciting new ways that this can bring to medicine at the global level.


He is also the Founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health (WeeklyOpinion). This is a global business management and investment firm that focuses on the business undertakings of impact innovators. Through investment in ventures that implement and develop scientific advances, Mariam Global Health’s vision is to make a global health impact.


About Dr. Mark J. Holterman


Mark Holterman attended Yale University majoring in biology, graduating cum laude. He got his MD and Ph.D. from Virginia University. He later completed a general surgery residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. He also did a pediatric surgery fellowship at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (University of Washington). Primarily, he is located in Maywood, IL but also maintains with an office in Peoria, Illinois.

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