Talk Fusion; Number One Provider of Video Marketing Solutions

Many businesses are making huge profits and growing their customers’ base as a result of advanced technology. Therefore, many companies are coming up with technological solutions that can improve efficiency and profits of businesses. Talk Fusion is one of the companies, but it has become the leading provider of video marketing solutions. The company was formed by Bob Reina in 2007, and it has been helping the business grow through patent-pending and proprietary video technology.



Talk Fusion has developed sophisticated software such as Video Chart and several versions of Live Meetings. The company develops products that are of high quality in bringing efficiency and convenience in companies. The video marketing company ensures its products are available to many parts of the world through Independent Associates who market them, person, to person. Currently, Talk Fusion unmatched video technology products are available in more than 140 countries worldwide.



For a long time, Bob Reina has been writing informative articles about marketing, entrepreneurship, skillful selling, self-development, video technological trends and lifestyle in general. Since August 2016 he has been a contributor at HuffPost. Recently HuffPost underwent rebranding and Talk Fusion CEO started to contribute to high-quality articles. HuffPost decided to continue publishing Reina’s article as they give much about marketing and video technology developments. He also writes about his company’s developments thus he is getting a broader platform to reach more readers via HuffPost.



Through HuffPost, talk Fusion will be able to reach more people as HuffPost has over 200 million readers. When they have new developments, new marketing strategy and any information they want to share with the public they will be using this new platform. HuffPost are also delighted to publish Talk Fusion’s CEO articles, and they said they want to continue having a good relationship with Talk Fusion as well as Bob Reina. Learn more:


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Saving Energy With Stream Energy

Ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high even though you don’t use as many things around the house or aren’t at home a lot? Energy consumption is one of the main reasons why your energy bill might be high, but not the energy that your appliances are taking up when being used; we are talking about the power that they take up when not in use. People are often guilty of leaving their general home appliances on even if they are not at home or not using them at the moment. Even though the appliance is not on at that given time, it might still be using up power, which can contribute to your skyrocketing electricity bill. Things as simple as leaving your phone to charge after the battery is already full or leaving your coffee maker on after you have finished using it can reduce your bill a lot more than you would think. Things like computers, even if kept in standby or sleep mode end up consuming a lot of power, increasing your overall carbon footprint significantly (


The phenomenon of a device eating up power even when not in use is known as Phantom Drain and is something that a lot of people tend to overlook. If you don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts on your electricity bill, then, by all means, keep your devices running, but if you want to save the unnecessary costs that you end up spending, that’s when you should turn off what you don’t need to use (GazetteDay). You can save roughly around 200$ on your electricity bills every year by doing something so simple that requires extremely little effort.


Stream Energy is a power company that is known to provide top of the line services to households across the country. The company provides power and wireless services in almost every state of America and is known for the incredible quality of services that they provide. The company operates out of its headquarters in Dallas and has been offering its services since 2005. The company has expanded well beyond the state of Texas and has started up power projects in several other locations in America.


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Jorge Moll Neto Embarks On Correlation between Medicine and Technology

Jorge Moll Neto says it hard to talk about advancement in medicine and fail to mention technology as a contributor of the same. He is in fact excited about the emerging trend in medicine that has enhanced patient care and treatment. Dr. Albert Chan, the President of Sutter Health Innovation, based in the United States while addressing a scholar forum in Brazil, concurred with Jorge Neto’s notion.


He was appreciative of use of technology in medicine and said it has made management of patients much better than it was conventional. Although most of the innovations are made in the United States, they quickly spread to other countries and are cordially welcomed (Crunchbase). A medical consultant is more fruitful since the doctor can accord each patient attention without being disrupted by other activities. Digitalization has made it easy for the doctor to retrieve information, accurately diagnose and treat diseases.


Technology is tied to some notable benefits. First is the doctor-patient interaction that has been enhanced, secondly is concentration on the issue at hand without dividing attention to other issues and finally an in-depth analysis of the medical profile of the patient. These have brought patient experience in a health facility a notch higher, and productivity, on the other hand, goes up. The good thing is that Android phones and tablets can run Google glass and display information on a single command.


About Jorge Moll Neto

He is the President of d’Or Institute for Research and Teaching and also is the lead researcher ( Jorge Neto has been exploring different fields of medicine whose information is limited. He has widely researched on neurology, behavioral responses, psychology, and intellectual capabilities among many others. His studies are focused on improving one’s interaction and conception of ideas and knowledge.


Jorge Moll Neto finds tech software use in healthcare an exciting trend. This has led him to innovate and invent particular ways patient’s care and treatment can be improved. Jorge Moll Neto is a Public Health master’s graduate from the Rio de Janeiro University, Brazil. He currently resides in Rio De Janeiro and is raising a family of 5 children.


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Talk Fusion Is The Solution

It is no surprise that Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is their second award from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. It speaks to the type of company they are and the kind of people that are working so hard to get this product right, each and every single day. In this link,, they are very complimentary of what is going on over at Talk Fusion, as they should be because they are a company that is on the rise and has been on the rise since they started in 2007.


Like all the great companies out there, they were ahead of their time, which is a great place to be in the world, especially the tech world, which can be a hard work to get ahead in, that is for sure. There are a lot of companies and a lot of ideas out there, but Talk Fusion has that “it” factor and that is something that makes people stand up and pay attention. Because they have the “it” factor, they are able to keep customers coming back for more and also attract new customers, which is no easy feat with so many companies out there. Learn more:


It starts with Bob Reina, but there are also so many other parts of the company that make it run as smoothly as it does such as the IT team. It was a tremendous gesture on his part because many CEOs or leaders are always quick to give themselves all of the praise in a certain situation, especially an award-winning situation. That is why people do the type of work they do for Bob Reina and respond to him in the way that they do either as an employee or a customer. They know this is a man that is well aware of what the product does and the people that make it happen. Learn more:


He is keenly aware of everything going on with Talk Fusion on the inside and outside, so he is never confused or in the dark when it comes to the company.

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