How Fabletics Markets Their Athleisure Attire Online

Most people have at least heard of Amazon. More shop this online marketing site on a regular basis. Amazon representatives have acknowledged that since their burst onto the scene, clothing sales now represent a sizable portion of all ladies fashion sales. This is one smart reason why the always gaining in popularity Fabletics brand took steps to enter this new fashion market frontier. This successful business is seeing more sales online than they could have ever dreamed about a few years back. Amazon is a one-stop shopping destination that many consumers have enjoyed. Fabletics knew this opportunity for increased profits and brand name recognition could not be passed by.


Most fashion shoppers think of a showroom as the place where mannequins reside in a glassed store window wearing the store’s distinctive clothing attire. Fabletics has named their marketing process as a reverse showroom. This concept requires some special technology to operate as successfully as this mega fashion company has done. Fabletics offers an intriguing peek into each customer’s perfect Fabletics clothing items by asking that customers fill out their simple-to-understand Lifestyle Quiz. These shorter questions were deliberately picked in order for this innovative computer platform to decipher customer answers more rapidly than a physically present store salesperson could do.


Taking a brief Fabletics exclusively available Lifestyle Quiz gives the customer an in depth insight into their shopping history, apparel preferences, recommended sizes and cuts along with helpful color scheme advice. Customers are welcome to become this brand’s exclusive VIP with a no-strings-attached membership. The details of each customer’s Lifestyle Quiz answers and any customer clothing purchase are stored indefinitely on a complex computerized shopping program. If a member, customers will find cute and affordable athletic styled gear in the mailboxes every month. This retailer has a fast-click ordering option for shoppers wanting to buy that month’s attire recommendations. There is never an obligation to buy, and customers can opt out of this beneficial membership at any time.


Fabletics extensive use of technologies are a large part of how this company stays ahead of the sales game. With highly detailed customer information on a convenient online platform, Fabletics representatives have the ability to see how their customers are reacting to their current inventory stock. The inventory now may be switched to better please the loyal customers behind Fabletics. This reversal of traditional showroom marketing proves that the customer is always right.


Fabletics: The Winning Champion in Sport and Fit Wear

Fabletics just launched in 2013, and it has already grown by over 200% for over $235 million in revenue and over one million paying members. Through crowd-sourced reviews, more and more customers are researching through those sites to determine whether or not they should shop at different stores. And through paying attention to customers and the reviews, Fabletics has leveraged greatly.


According to BrightLocal, 84% of people rely on reviews online as much as they do personal recommendations from people they know. Another report has shown that 60% of people won’t do business with companies when seeing negative reviews about them. Also, more consumer brands feature customer reviews on their sites and pages to drive sales, according to the L2 research team.


Yelp reported that an extra half star rating increases the sales in restaurants by 19% more often, and an extra one star rating increases sales in restaurants by 5 to 9% in revenue. Thus, single percentage points can determine how well sales go for other industries as well, such as retail, luxury goods, travel, and food and beverage.


Trustpilot, one of the biggest global review sites, reported that global trend is growing due to what customers say the brand is, instead of what the company says their brand is. And Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group couldn’t agree more. They stated how crowdsourcing benefits their brands by forcing them to be customer focused and transparent. Many businesses say they do the same thing, but most of them can’t to see through the customers’ eyes. Knowing all of this, executives of Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group use data and empathy to run their business. They know the seriousness of knowing what people want by truly listening to customers’ circumstances and tastes.


Kate Hudson’s Take on the Winning Athleisure Brand


With all of Fabletics’ astronomical success, the naysayers who said that athleisure fad is dead are possibly eating crow because they are shamefully proven wrong. Fabletics’ growth has flown through the roof and back, and their future continues to look bright. They are now working on opening 12 more stores this year in addition to the 22 retail stores already opened. Also, Fabletics’ membership base is experiencing continual growth, successful partnerships with celebs, such as Demi Lovato, are establishing, data-driven approach is used for manufacturing, and they are poised for rapid growth for the next several years.


With all of this success, Kate Hudson is really proud of her business accolades, but she is an artist first of all. So, she will continue her acting while continuing to expand her business too.