Sussex Healthcare Taking Care Of Our Seniors

Sussex Healthcare offers care for old people, people with Dementia, neurological cases, and PMLD care. The institution values the need for the elderly to choose the appropriate home and to this end; endeavor to deliver a relaxed and benign atmosphere with encouragement and support for every person to exploit their intellectual, social, physical and emotional capability.

Due to the age increase in the population, Dementia care has taken a more prominent position in healthcare in the recent past. However, at Sussex Healthcare, we hold that such individuals ought to carry on with an active life. People with neurological and acquired brain injury are also cared for at Sussex Healthcare using the facilities that have been built to support such cases. A broad variety of personalized care programs for people with learning disability are also available at Sussex healthcare facilities.

At Sussex Healthcare we appreciate that old person have a right to as usual as conceivable lives and those that support them ought to do it with respect. To this end, the facility has care training academy which generates quality nursing teams to care for the seniors, most of whom have numerous social and health needs. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare provides residential and relief care. Every home for the elderly has eventful activity schemes comprising quizzes, handicraft, reminiscence sessions, cookery, art therapy and music and movement. Through, the care centers, the elderly can get access to different therapies that include reflexology, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

Old people with Dementia are cared for by a fully trained group of staff by employing a most effective person-centered care program. Our staff is given chances to learn and progress to make sure that they deliver professional care based on sound knowledge. We personalize our services with all due respect to the individual, and it is our tradition to get to know our client well, before and during the care period. Our facilities are such that the comfort and familiarity for those with memory loss is a key consideration in their design.


To continually improve life through professional care.


Sussex Health Care is situated at Horsham RH12 3RZ, United Kingdom and has provided healthcare for over 25 years. It was opened in 1998.


Sussex Healthcare has won several awards since its inception in the year 1998; this includes The Excellence in care award, Support for Life & excellence in care among many others.

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