Brazilian Butt Lifts In Dallas TX

If you have an issue with the way your backside looks, if you have excess drooping skin, or aren’t happy with its all around appearance, you may want to consider a Brazilian Butt Lift.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is a medical procedure, with your best interest in mind, gives you the buttocks you desire. However, there are a few things you should know before you go through with this procedure. In order for you to qualify, you and your health must be able to handle it.


Many people want to improve their shape with this. But you must meet certain criteria before hand. To be a good candidate for this procedure, you must;


Be in good health, as you will likely need anesthesia before the surgery, and need to recover properly.


Not smoke, or be able to stop for a certain amount of time for the recovery process, and before the procedure.


You may be eligible for a conventional Butt lift if you; Have excess skin you would like removed.


Do not plan to lose anymore weight, as this could interfere with the surgery.


You may be eligible for a Brazilian Butt Lift if you; Want to add volume. If you’re happy with its all around shape and just want it a little bigger, a Brazilian Butt lift is the way to go.


Have tried and failed at gaining the shape you want in a natural way. This is a serious medical procedure and should only be done to those who cannot achieve their desired goal any other way.


If you wish to go through with this, here are some places that offer this procedure in the Dallas Texas area;


Dr. Sam Jejurikar, M.D., at 9101 N Central Expy #600, Dallas, TX 75231

Ricardo A. Meade, M.D., at 9101 N Central Expy #600, Dallas, TX 75231 and

Innovations Medical, at 12660 Coit Rd #100, Dallas, TX 75251.