Eli Gershkovitch Taking Craft Beers to a Higher Level

For a long time, mass-market beers have dominated the alcohol industry. Many adults have been enjoying these beers, and they never had a chance to taste craft beers. Time has changed everything, and this has led to increased demand for craft beers. Few breweries specialize in craft beer brewing. One of them is Steamworks Brewery based in Canada. This brewing company was founded by Eli Gershkovitch in 1995. The brewing company has developed unbeatable craft beers that represented Canada at the U.S. Open Beer Championship.



At the 2017 Open Beer Championship, Canada got numerous medals for some beer categories such as brown ale, oatmeal stout, foreign stout, old ale as well as German Kolsch. Eli Gershkovitch was impressed by the performance of his company’s craft beers at the championship. Eli’s journey has not been easy. Before joining the brewing industry, Eli Gershkovitch had well researched about craft beers, and he was sure his business idea would materialize.



After everything was set, he decided to look for a location to start his brewery. He launched a small pub in Gastown. The town was rich in culture, and it took him time to get a brewery license. He got the license at last and started the small pub. Over time he used his business knowledge to make the brewery better. Eli Gershkovitch ensured that his brewing company employed traditional and innovative business methods to remain competitive in the industry. He ensures that his craft beers are of high quality and available at lower prices. Thus, ensuring the company makes more sales as it maximizes its output.



Over time the Steamworks Pub at Gastown had grown its holding capacity from 184 seats to 754 seats. On top of that, Eli opened several joints like Transcontinental Restaurant which later changed to Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. Lion’s Gate lager, Flagship IPA, and Steamworks Pale Ale are some of Steamworks Brewery craft beers (BeerMe.BC). Eli Gershlovitch has made sure that most of these craft beers are available throughout Canada as well as across the USA. Eli Gershkovitch has achieved all these as he is highly innovative and learned. Alongside being the CEO of Steamworks Brewery, Eli is a pilot and a lawyer.

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How Glen Wakeman Uses His Success to Help Others

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation founded in 2015, LaunchPad Holdings provides guidance for startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. Essentially LaunchPad Holdings filled a gap for entrepreneurs. Many people had ideas but did not know how to execute them properly and find success. He saw that the failure rates for entrepreneurs were so high and he knew that something needed to be done about it. So, Wakeman decided to create a software platform to help people cultivate their ideas and turn them into a profitable reality. His ideas and methods have helped others to achieve their goals and become successful individuals. He decided to use his wealth of knowledge of the business realm and his extensive experience to assist others and help them achieve their dreams.


Wakeman specializes in creating performance methodologies as well as the development of M&As. Wakeman currently holds an MBA in finance and a BS in economics. He has held many impressive titles during his career including CEO and president. He also has worked for very reputable companies such as GE Capital. He has also found great success as a writer and investor. All of his endeavors and success have made him the perfect individual to help guide others in their career path. Often, there is no better way to learn a specific skill set than by taking the advice of someone who has already achieved the goals you want to achieve (http://theperfectreporter.com/2017/08/internationally-recognized-business-executive-glen-wakeman-helps-entrepreneurs-succeed/).


Today, his work is widely recognized within the business world. His Proven 5 Step Performance Methodology is especially renowned due to its innovative approach. Essentially, his Proven 5 Step Performance Methodology focuses on risk management, effective leadership skills, and proper business execution. He has created an excellent reputation for himself over the years due to his effective methods and creative approach that has led to the success of many individuals who follow his advice. His strategic advice can be applied to various areas including capital raising, international financing, and angel investing. His great success has led him to become a resident of 6 different countries as well opening businesses in 30 different regions across the world.

Business Professional, Expert