Betsy Devos is the United States Secretary of Education. There is a good reason why she was chosen to be the Secretary of Education. She has been working on behalf of education reform her entire life. Not only that, but she has been donating a lot of money to charities that support education reform her entire life.


Betsy Devos knows that not all kids will do well in the private school system. In fact, many of them will fail. The best thing for many of these kids is for them to go to a private school that can better suit their needs. Perhaps they have better teachers, more resources, kids that they get along with better, or whatever. However, many parents cannot afford to send their kids to a private school, so they have no choice but to send them to a public school. Betsy Devos is working hard to change that. Through tax credits and voucher programs in various states, she has enabled two hundred and fifty thousand students to attend the school that is best for them.


Betsy has been working on gaining grassroots support for education reform. They did a lot of work to engage and inform parents. They put up signs on billboards and they bought time on radio stations. So many parents started finding out about the importance of giving their kids a proper education, and why some kids do better in private schools. Eventually, community leaders started getting interested too. It started filtering up and legislators started passing bills that would help education reform.


Another thing that Betsy has been working on in education reform is getting people to understand that you do not necessarily have to send your kid to a school that is in the area code of where they live. The point she wants to make is that parents should have as much freedom as possible when it comes to choosing a method and venue of education for their children. The more choices that they have, the more there is a chance of the kid getting an education that they truly deserve. In fact, people should even consider digital learning as a way to provide additional education opportunities besides what they get in school in the traditional way. Homeschooling is another option. Of course, each child will be different when it comes to homeschooling. However, sometimes parents are just so fed up with their lack of power in their kids’ education. Charter schools are another option as well. Magnet schools and virtual schools can all be considered as viable choices for education. The point is that the more you are unlimited when it comes to providing your child with the right education, the better chance they have of getting the right education.


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