Talk Fusion; Number One Provider of Video Marketing Solutions

Many businesses are making huge profits and growing their customers’ base as a result of advanced technology. Therefore, many companies are coming up with technological solutions that can improve efficiency and profits of businesses. Talk Fusion is one of the companies, but it has become the leading provider of video marketing solutions. The company was formed by Bob Reina in 2007, and it has been helping the business grow through patent-pending and proprietary video technology.



Talk Fusion has developed sophisticated software such as Video Chart and several versions of Live Meetings. The company develops products that are of high quality in bringing efficiency and convenience in companies. The video marketing company ensures its products are available to many parts of the world through Independent Associates who market them, person, to person. Currently, Talk Fusion unmatched video technology products are available in more than 140 countries worldwide.



For a long time, Bob Reina has been writing informative articles about marketing, entrepreneurship, skillful selling, self-development, video technological trends and lifestyle in general. Since August 2016 he has been a contributor at HuffPost. Recently HuffPost underwent rebranding and Talk Fusion CEO started to contribute to high-quality articles. HuffPost decided to continue publishing Reina’s article as they give much about marketing and video technology developments. He also writes about his company’s developments thus he is getting a broader platform to reach more readers via HuffPost.



Through HuffPost, talk Fusion will be able to reach more people as HuffPost has over 200 million readers. When they have new developments, new marketing strategy and any information they want to share with the public they will be using this new platform. HuffPost are also delighted to publish Talk Fusion’s CEO articles, and they said they want to continue having a good relationship with Talk Fusion as well as Bob Reina. Learn more:


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Amicus Therapeutics Introduces New Treatment Options for Orphan Diseases

If you’re unfamiliar with Amicus Therapeutics, it is an American biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in New Jersey, and is predicated on fighting orphan diseases. What are orphan diseases? They are categorized as rare, and in some cases, life-altering illnesses that do not receive the same level of research or drug treatment options as other diseases. These diseases include, but are not limited to, Lysosomal Storage Disorders and skin disorders like Epidermolysis Bullosa. If you haven’t heard of these diseases, it’s because they’re not as prevalent others; however, they still warrant research, and those who are afflicted will need to be treated, which is why we need companies like Amicus Therapeutics.


Since Amicus Therapeutics is not privy to the same types of clinical trials, or receive the same level of support from pharmaceutical companies, the biopharmaceutical company must rely on innovative science and customized clinical programs, to treat those with orphan diseases. Through the effective use of science and these clinical programs, Amicus Therapeutics has received approval from the European Union to use Migalastat (Galafold) as a drug treatment option for Fabry disease (one of many orphan diseases). This approval was hard fought, as Migalastat did not receive approval until after it had undergone two rigorous phase three clinical trials.


Amicus Therapeutics was found in 2002 and is committed to working with pharmaceutical companies, and developing enzyme replacement drugs like Migalastat. This commitment has led to the opening of a second facility based in San Diego, CA, which was opened in 2008 (YahooFinance). The New Jersey and the San Diego locations work collectively with companies like JCR Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline, in developing, even more, drug therapies aimed at treating enzyme deficiencies, that contribute to orphan diseases.


Thankfully, much of the work done by Amicus Therapeutics has caught the attention of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, allowing the company to continue their research and help hundreds of people. In fact, in 2010 Amicus Therapeutics received a generous grant from actor Michael J. Fox totaling $500,000. These grants are a tremendous blessing and will allow Amicus Therapeutics to continue doing the amazing work that they do.

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Eli Gershkovitch Taking Craft Beers to a Higher Level

For a long time, mass-market beers have dominated the alcohol industry. Many adults have been enjoying these beers, and they never had a chance to taste craft beers. Time has changed everything, and this has led to increased demand for craft beers. Few breweries specialize in craft beer brewing. One of them is Steamworks Brewery based in Canada. This brewing company was founded by Eli Gershkovitch in 1995. The brewing company has developed unbeatable craft beers that represented Canada at the U.S. Open Beer Championship.



At the 2017 Open Beer Championship, Canada got numerous medals for some beer categories such as brown ale, oatmeal stout, foreign stout, old ale as well as German Kolsch. Eli Gershkovitch was impressed by the performance of his company’s craft beers at the championship. Eli’s journey has not been easy. Before joining the brewing industry, Eli Gershkovitch had well researched about craft beers, and he was sure his business idea would materialize.



After everything was set, he decided to look for a location to start his brewery. He launched a small pub in Gastown. The town was rich in culture, and it took him time to get a brewery license. He got the license at last and started the small pub. Over time he used his business knowledge to make the brewery better. Eli Gershkovitch ensured that his brewing company employed traditional and innovative business methods to remain competitive in the industry. He ensures that his craft beers are of high quality and available at lower prices. Thus, ensuring the company makes more sales as it maximizes its output.



Over time the Steamworks Pub at Gastown had grown its holding capacity from 184 seats to 754 seats. On top of that, Eli opened several joints like Transcontinental Restaurant which later changed to Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar. Lion’s Gate lager, Flagship IPA, and Steamworks Pale Ale are some of Steamworks Brewery craft beers (BeerMe.BC). Eli Gershlovitch has made sure that most of these craft beers are available throughout Canada as well as across the USA. Eli Gershkovitch has achieved all these as he is highly innovative and learned. Alongside being the CEO of Steamworks Brewery, Eli is a pilot and a lawyer.

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Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the bones and people living with it can manage it competently. This can either be done through lifestyle changes and visit professional treatment centers such as the Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey. However, some of the lifestyle changes that a person with Osteoarthritis can perform include the following:


  • Support System:

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that causes immense pain. Patients can benefit a lot from a support network that encourages them. This can help them discuss the struggles they are facing and in handling the lifestyle changes that they should make. The support system can come in the form of family, friends, fellow osteoarthritis patients, counselors or psychologist or a competent medical professional from a reputable institute such as Osteo Relief Institute.


  • Physical Movement:

A person with osteoarthritis should be physically fit and active. This person is recommended to perform regular exercise and maintain an average weight. Overweight patients should also lose the extra weight which causes extra strain on the bones. The exercise assists in strengthening the bones and muscles.


  • Career:

Severe osteoarthritis may cause you to be immobile in your job. Such patients can no longer perform manual jobs comfortably even at home. The patient is encouraged to perform lighter duties within a short period of time.


  • Feeding Habits:

A person with osteoarthritis must ensure that they eat a balanced meal. A healthy diet ensures that one maintains a healthy weight and gets adequate nutrition from the meals that they eat.


  • Medical Care:

Sufficient medical care is paramount to patients with osteoarthritis. This is because this condition requires regular medical monitoring from competent professionals such as Osteo Relief Institute (Facebook). Severe osteoarthritis requires the patient to manage the pain efficiently. A yearly flu vaccination is also advisable for these patients.



Osteo Relief Institute, New Jersey provides osteoarthritis patients the professional care and management they deserve. The institute employs the use of modern technology to treat and manage the pain associated with Osteoarthritis. Other related conditions that they treat include back pain, spinal pain, arthritis pain and degenerative joint disease pain. The expert medical professionals provide this service without using surgery. Apart from the New Jersey Centre, Osteo Relief Institute has other branches in America.

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How Glen Wakeman Uses His Success to Help Others

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation founded in 2015, LaunchPad Holdings provides guidance for startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. Essentially LaunchPad Holdings filled a gap for entrepreneurs. Many people had ideas but did not know how to execute them properly and find success. He saw that the failure rates for entrepreneurs were so high and he knew that something needed to be done about it. So, Wakeman decided to create a software platform to help people cultivate their ideas and turn them into a profitable reality. His ideas and methods have helped others to achieve their goals and become successful individuals. He decided to use his wealth of knowledge of the business realm and his extensive experience to assist others and help them achieve their dreams.


Wakeman specializes in creating performance methodologies as well as the development of M&As. Wakeman currently holds an MBA in finance and a BS in economics. He has held many impressive titles during his career including CEO and president. He also has worked for very reputable companies such as GE Capital. He has also found great success as a writer and investor. All of his endeavors and success have made him the perfect individual to help guide others in their career path. Often, there is no better way to learn a specific skill set than by taking the advice of someone who has already achieved the goals you want to achieve (


Today, his work is widely recognized within the business world. His Proven 5 Step Performance Methodology is especially renowned due to its innovative approach. Essentially, his Proven 5 Step Performance Methodology focuses on risk management, effective leadership skills, and proper business execution. He has created an excellent reputation for himself over the years due to his effective methods and creative approach that has led to the success of many individuals who follow his advice. His strategic advice can be applied to various areas including capital raising, international financing, and angel investing. His great success has led him to become a resident of 6 different countries as well opening businesses in 30 different regions across the world.

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Dr. Mark Holterman – Pioneering Pediatrics Surgery and Research

Mark Holterman, MD is a pediatric surgeon with extensive experience. He maintains concurrent duties and responsibilities as the Mariam Global Health CEO as well as professor of pediatrics and surgery at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, something he has done over the past 5-years. As an active member, he supports what is being done by the IPSAC-VN.


IPSAC-VN has, from its inception, been working towards sustainably improving pediatric medicine designed for Vietnam’s youngest residents. Towards meeting that objective IPSAC-VN operates a number of initiatives providing medical supplies, personnel, and other resources that are needed in the region.


His Contribution


Mark Holterman, MD is a University of Illinois College of Medicine surgical and pediatrics professor, holding board positions with several medical organizations. In addition, he is a co-founder of and serves on the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT) executive board. AACT works together with the CellR4 medical journal in publishing research that is presented at different AACT conferences.


Previously, Dr. Holterman has served as Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital surgeon-in-chief and as the Rush University Medical Center attending surgeon.


His Passion


In his own words, he is excited about new technology and the way it can offer therapeutic platforms to be employed across an extensive range of diseases. He feels driven towards deploying innovative approaches in clinical care, and he is optimistic about the exciting new ways that this can bring to medicine at the global level.


He is also the Founder and CEO of Mariam Global Health (WeeklyOpinion). This is a global business management and investment firm that focuses on the business undertakings of impact innovators. Through investment in ventures that implement and develop scientific advances, Mariam Global Health’s vision is to make a global health impact.


About Dr. Mark J. Holterman


Mark Holterman attended Yale University majoring in biology, graduating cum laude. He got his MD and Ph.D. from Virginia University. He later completed a general surgery residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. He also did a pediatric surgery fellowship at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center (University of Washington). Primarily, he is located in Maywood, IL but also maintains with an office in Peoria, Illinois.

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Saving Energy With Stream Energy

Ever wondered why your electricity bill is so high even though you don’t use as many things around the house or aren’t at home a lot? Energy consumption is one of the main reasons why your energy bill might be high, but not the energy that your appliances are taking up when being used; we are talking about the power that they take up when not in use. People are often guilty of leaving their general home appliances on even if they are not at home or not using them at the moment. Even though the appliance is not on at that given time, it might still be using up power, which can contribute to your skyrocketing electricity bill. Things as simple as leaving your phone to charge after the battery is already full or leaving your coffee maker on after you have finished using it can reduce your bill a lot more than you would think. Things like computers, even if kept in standby or sleep mode end up consuming a lot of power, increasing your overall carbon footprint significantly (


The phenomenon of a device eating up power even when not in use is known as Phantom Drain and is something that a lot of people tend to overlook. If you don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts on your electricity bill, then, by all means, keep your devices running, but if you want to save the unnecessary costs that you end up spending, that’s when you should turn off what you don’t need to use (GazetteDay). You can save roughly around 200$ on your electricity bills every year by doing something so simple that requires extremely little effort.


Stream Energy is a power company that is known to provide top of the line services to households across the country. The company provides power and wireless services in almost every state of America and is known for the incredible quality of services that they provide. The company operates out of its headquarters in Dallas and has been offering its services since 2005. The company has expanded well beyond the state of Texas and has started up power projects in several other locations in America.


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Jorge Moll Neto Embarks On Correlation between Medicine and Technology

Jorge Moll Neto says it hard to talk about advancement in medicine and fail to mention technology as a contributor of the same. He is in fact excited about the emerging trend in medicine that has enhanced patient care and treatment. Dr. Albert Chan, the President of Sutter Health Innovation, based in the United States while addressing a scholar forum in Brazil, concurred with Jorge Neto’s notion.


He was appreciative of use of technology in medicine and said it has made management of patients much better than it was conventional. Although most of the innovations are made in the United States, they quickly spread to other countries and are cordially welcomed (Crunchbase). A medical consultant is more fruitful since the doctor can accord each patient attention without being disrupted by other activities. Digitalization has made it easy for the doctor to retrieve information, accurately diagnose and treat diseases.


Technology is tied to some notable benefits. First is the doctor-patient interaction that has been enhanced, secondly is concentration on the issue at hand without dividing attention to other issues and finally an in-depth analysis of the medical profile of the patient. These have brought patient experience in a health facility a notch higher, and productivity, on the other hand, goes up. The good thing is that Android phones and tablets can run Google glass and display information on a single command.


About Jorge Moll Neto

He is the President of d’Or Institute for Research and Teaching and also is the lead researcher ( Jorge Neto has been exploring different fields of medicine whose information is limited. He has widely researched on neurology, behavioral responses, psychology, and intellectual capabilities among many others. His studies are focused on improving one’s interaction and conception of ideas and knowledge.


Jorge Moll Neto finds tech software use in healthcare an exciting trend. This has led him to innovate and invent particular ways patient’s care and treatment can be improved. Jorge Moll Neto is a Public Health master’s graduate from the Rio de Janeiro University, Brazil. He currently resides in Rio De Janeiro and is raising a family of 5 children.


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Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City in Utah. She went to Southern University where she graduated with a degree in International Studies. She is the current founder and CEO of Bumble app which is an online dating mobile app that has seen so many users enjoy its services. Whitney Wolfe is an amazing young and very beautiful young woman with smart brains and the mind of an entrepreneur. She has been named in Forbes among top 30 young rich people.

Most people in the world are not able to express themselves when it comes to love but Mrs. Whitney Wolfe has had time to look at what she can do to ensure that these people can also find love.

Mrs. Whitney Wolfe started the Bumble app when Andrey Andreev, a founder of Badoo asked her to work together with him. As a result of them working together, Bumble online dating app was launched in the year 2014. Its headquarter is based in Austin, Texas where she has employed about 100 employees globally.

Up to now, Bumble has registered over 18 million users worldwide which show how many people in the world are looking for love. As if that is not enough, Whitney Wolfe improved the Bumble app by creating the BumbleBizz and BumbleBff which is are apps for finding friends. The Whitney Wolfe Company has been valued around $500 million. Whitney Wolfe has proven to us that women can also be part of the world’s greatest ideas and they can also be among the top well-known women in the world.

Whitney Wolfe, even as she helped people find their match, she found her match not on her dating app but when she was on a Christmas vacation in Aspen back in 2013. Michael Herd a businessman from Texas who is in the oil industry is the man who made Whitney fall in love. A story of how Michael Herd proposed to his girlfriend is as beautiful as the couple.

Michael is said to have proposed two years after the couple started dating. This happened when the two were having a horse ride in Texas where Michael has a ranch. At sunset, Michael popped the question to the queen of the dating app who is now the queen of his heart. The couple had a wedding later on that took place in Amalfi Coast. Those who never made it to the wedding had a chance to see it on Whitney’s Instagram page where she posted the wedding photos.

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Mike Baur Was Talented Banker Until He Switched To Startup Investments

What is it about Mike Bauer that makes him such an important businessman and entrepreneur?

Baur’s passion after all if helping those startup tech entrepreneurs get up and going. By assisting you technology startups, Bauer assists young business owners through his own startup Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. His incubator program assists Swiss entrepreneurs through mentoring and training. It also supplies funds to help promising startups get their businesses up and going.

Partnering with fellow Bern University graduate Max Meister, Baur was able to offer these startups free rent in one of Switzerland’s largest cities. Oliver Walzer was also on hand to help. Enterprises that were starting up under Swiss Startup would receive up to three months assistance, with participants given chances to network with other entrepreneurs in the tech world. This networking opportunity gives new business owners a greater likelihood of long term success.

Baur has led an impressive life. Growing up in Freiburg, Switzerland, he earned business degrees at both Bern University and University of Rochester. Bauer worked in the banking industry for well over two decades, before he began investing in startup companies.

Just as recently as January 2016, Baur was named Managing Director of a partnership between Swiss Startup and CTI Invest. He led Swiss Startup through its Goldback Group accelerator program, as well as developing another partnership with Fintech Fusion. Bauer was profiled in 2016 by the Wall Street Journal based on his career from banking in Switzerland to investments in entrepreneurs and startups.

Baur began his career in banking when he was only 16. He was a young financial expert, when he became an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. But it would be his transcendence through multiple companies, before he would see through his long term plan of building and supporting startup businesses. Bauer was a talented banker who chose to take his career path in an entirely different direction in 2014 with Swiss Startup Factory.

Baur and Swiss Factory also encourages young business owner to enter “pitching contests.” Competitions that occur at Swiss Universities enable 30 new entrepreneurs and company founders to publically speak about their business models, plans and products. Bauer has also founded “Think Reloaded,” which provided sophisticated financial advice for more affluent clients. This is about the time that Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI Invest.

Baur has stated before that Swiss Startup Factory is different from other incubators because it is independent. It does not operate as part of another company or business.