Brazilian Butt Lifts In Dallas TX

If you have an issue with the way your backside looks, if you have excess drooping skin, or aren’t happy with its all around appearance, you may want to consider a Brazilian Butt Lift.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is a medical procedure, with your best interest in mind, gives you the buttocks you desire. However, there are a few things you should know before you go through with this procedure. In order for you to qualify, you and your health must be able to handle it.


Many people want to improve their shape with this. But you must meet certain criteria before hand. To be a good candidate for this procedure, you must;


Be in good health, as you will likely need anesthesia before the surgery, and need to recover properly.


Not smoke, or be able to stop for a certain amount of time for the recovery process, and before the procedure.


You may be eligible for a conventional Butt lift if you; Have excess skin you would like removed.


Do not plan to lose anymore weight, as this could interfere with the surgery.


You may be eligible for a Brazilian Butt Lift if you; Want to add volume. If you’re happy with its all around shape and just want it a little bigger, a Brazilian Butt lift is the way to go.


Have tried and failed at gaining the shape you want in a natural way. This is a serious medical procedure and should only be done to those who cannot achieve their desired goal any other way.


If you wish to go through with this, here are some places that offer this procedure in the Dallas Texas area;


Dr. Sam Jejurikar, M.D., at 9101 N Central Expy #600, Dallas, TX 75231

Ricardo A. Meade, M.D., at 9101 N Central Expy #600, Dallas, TX 75231 and

Innovations Medical, at 12660 Coit Rd #100, Dallas, TX 75251.



Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

In 2013, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a Dallas-based plastic surgeon, was so well-liked by his patients that he was awarded with the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification.

4 years before, only a very select group of physicians like Dr. Jejurikar, who rank high in overall and bedside manner scores, were able get the Compassionate Doctor recognition. Only 3% of about 900,000 active physicians were able to get this reward.

In 2013, Dr. Jejuikar said that it was an honor for him for get recognized for his patient care. He was very pleased to be selected and was thankful to his patients who seemed to go out of their way to rate him with good, positive reviews.

In 2013, Dr. Jejurikar was given a special award from his patients. The American Registry felt that they had to give him the additional honor of The Registry of Business Excellence. This honor comes with a plaque and probably hung proudly in Dr. Jejurikar’s office in 2017.


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Jeremy Goldstein, Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates is an attorney in New York, that specializes in corporate governance. His recently opened boutique law firm deals primarily with executive compensation and benefits, which is his preferred discipline. He’s recently given some advice regarding a new option for employers and employees regarding their ESOP plans. “Knockout options,” as they’re called, offer many advantages of the traditional stock offerings to employees of larger corporations.


First, knockout options are capped at a certain rate. This means that if they drop below the established threshold, they’re immediately sold. This gives employees the benefit of knowing that their savings won’t deplete, as they may have in the past. Employers win because the accounting is much simpler. They also retain employees at a much higher rate, which improves morale and productivity. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein has a great deal of experience in corporate law. He was a partner at a well-known firm in New York before opening his current firm. He’s also contributed scholarly works to Harvard University and New York University. Having graduated from NYU with a Juris Doctor, he’s kept in touch with his roots by contributing to the Journal of Law.


Jeremy Goldstein also has a diverse educational background. He graduated with both bachelors and master’s degrees in art history, with honors. He’s also volunteered his time with the Fountain House, a charity that helps the homeless and mentally ill. Also, having donated his leadership skills to children’s organizations, he’s dedicated to serving his community.


With such a strong and well-rounded background, it’s easy to see why top corporations trust him to handle their toughest legal matters. His diplomacy and kindness have been recognized many times over, and he’s just getting started. Jeremy Goldstein is someone you’ll want to follow in the future.

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How Nathaniel Ru And His Business Partners Built Sweetgreen In A Different Way

If an older restaurant could begin again they would probably look like Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is a salad chain that offers high-end food. Some of the big investors in the company are Daniel Boulud and Steve Case. ]

This chains claim to fame is that the foods they serve come from local organic farms so it is healthy and fresh. The chain now has over 40 locations across the United States.

When talking about the philosophy behind Sweetgreen, one of the co-founders, Nathaniel Ru, said that they wanted to build a company that stood for something rather than just to make profits. They wanted it to be easy for people to eat better food. Along with two business partners that also founded the company, Ru is one of the three co-CEOs of Sweetgreen. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

In addition to having three co-CEOs which is fairly unusual, there are other management strategies at Sweetgreens that are different and innovative in nature. One such way is by giving everyone in their corporate offices five days a year off their regular jobs to instead go work in a Sweetgreen restaurant location for the day instead.

Also, Sweetgreen doesn’t have a headquarters. Instead, some of the co-CEOs work in California while the other ones are in the Northeast segment of the United States. The goal is to decentralize the firm so that it isn’t concentrated in just one place is what Nathaniel Ru says is the reasoning behind this.

One thing that Nathaniel Ru said he learned about running a company as it got bigger and bigger was that he and his fellow co-CEOs learned that they can’t do everything. He says he eventually learned why it’s important to build a team of other decision makers. He added that this happens earlier than you’re comfortable letting go of power but it’s the best thing for the company.

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He graduated in 2007 and has a degree in finance. It was in that same year that he and his business partners established Sweetgreen and opened the first restaurant near Georgetown’s campus.

Under his leadership, the company now has restaurants in six Northeastern states and the state of California. Most of the Sweetgreen restaurants have 15-minute waits because they’re so busy, but once you’re being assisted it takes about two to three minutes to complete your purchase at the register.


How Fabletics Markets Their Athleisure Attire Online

Most people have at least heard of Amazon. More shop this online marketing site on a regular basis. Amazon representatives have acknowledged that since their burst onto the scene, clothing sales now represent a sizable portion of all ladies fashion sales. This is one smart reason why the always gaining in popularity Fabletics brand took steps to enter this new fashion market frontier. This successful business is seeing more sales online than they could have ever dreamed about a few years back. Amazon is a one-stop shopping destination that many consumers have enjoyed. Fabletics knew this opportunity for increased profits and brand name recognition could not be passed by.


Most fashion shoppers think of a showroom as the place where mannequins reside in a glassed store window wearing the store’s distinctive clothing attire. Fabletics has named their marketing process as a reverse showroom. This concept requires some special technology to operate as successfully as this mega fashion company has done. Fabletics offers an intriguing peek into each customer’s perfect Fabletics clothing items by asking that customers fill out their simple-to-understand Lifestyle Quiz. These shorter questions were deliberately picked in order for this innovative computer platform to decipher customer answers more rapidly than a physically present store salesperson could do.


Taking a brief Fabletics exclusively available Lifestyle Quiz gives the customer an in depth insight into their shopping history, apparel preferences, recommended sizes and cuts along with helpful color scheme advice. Customers are welcome to become this brand’s exclusive VIP with a no-strings-attached membership. The details of each customer’s Lifestyle Quiz answers and any customer clothing purchase are stored indefinitely on a complex computerized shopping program. If a member, customers will find cute and affordable athletic styled gear in the mailboxes every month. This retailer has a fast-click ordering option for shoppers wanting to buy that month’s attire recommendations. There is never an obligation to buy, and customers can opt out of this beneficial membership at any time.


Fabletics extensive use of technologies are a large part of how this company stays ahead of the sales game. With highly detailed customer information on a convenient online platform, Fabletics representatives have the ability to see how their customers are reacting to their current inventory stock. The inventory now may be switched to better please the loyal customers behind Fabletics. This reversal of traditional showroom marketing proves that the customer is always right.