Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City in Utah. She went to Southern University where she graduated with a degree in International Studies. She is the current founder and CEO of Bumble app which is an online dating mobile app that has seen so many users enjoy its services. Whitney Wolfe is an amazing young and very beautiful young woman with smart brains and the mind of an entrepreneur. She has been named in Forbes among top 30 young rich people.

Most people in the world are not able to express themselves when it comes to love but Mrs. Whitney Wolfe has had time to look at what she can do to ensure that these people can also find love.

Mrs. Whitney Wolfe started the Bumble app when Andrey Andreev, a founder of Badoo asked her to work together with him. As a result of them working together, Bumble online dating app was launched in the year 2014. Its headquarter is based in Austin, Texas where she has employed about 100 employees globally.

Up to now, Bumble has registered over 18 million users worldwide which show how many people in the world are looking for love. As if that is not enough, Whitney Wolfe improved the Bumble app by creating the BumbleBizz and BumbleBff which is are apps for finding friends. The Whitney Wolfe Company has been valued around $500 million. Whitney Wolfe has proven to us that women can also be part of the world’s greatest ideas and they can also be among the top well-known women in the world.

Whitney Wolfe, even as she helped people find their match, she found her match not on her dating app but when she was on a Christmas vacation in Aspen back in 2013. Michael Herd a businessman from Texas who is in the oil industry is the man who made Whitney fall in love. A story of how Michael Herd proposed to his girlfriend is as beautiful as the couple.

Michael is said to have proposed two years after the couple started dating. This happened when the two were having a horse ride in Texas where Michael has a ranch. At sunset, Michael popped the question to the queen of the dating app who is now the queen of his heart. The couple had a wedding later on that took place in Amalfi Coast. Those who never made it to the wedding had a chance to see it on Whitney’s Instagram page where she posted the wedding photos.

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Mike Baur Was Talented Banker Until He Switched To Startup Investments

What is it about Mike Bauer that makes him such an important businessman and entrepreneur?

Baur’s passion after all if helping those startup tech entrepreneurs get up and going. By assisting you technology startups, Bauer assists young business owners through his own startup Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. His incubator program assists Swiss entrepreneurs through mentoring and training. It also supplies funds to help promising startups get their businesses up and going.

Partnering with fellow Bern University graduate Max Meister, Baur was able to offer these startups free rent in one of Switzerland’s largest cities. Oliver Walzer was also on hand to help. Enterprises that were starting up under Swiss Startup would receive up to three months assistance, with participants given chances to network with other entrepreneurs in the tech world. This networking opportunity gives new business owners a greater likelihood of long term success.

Baur has led an impressive life. Growing up in Freiburg, Switzerland, he earned business degrees at both Bern University and University of Rochester. Bauer worked in the banking industry for well over two decades, before he began investing in startup companies.

Just as recently as January 2016, Baur was named Managing Director of a partnership between Swiss Startup and CTI Invest. He led Swiss Startup through its Goldback Group accelerator program, as well as developing another partnership with Fintech Fusion. Bauer was profiled in 2016 by the Wall Street Journal based on his career from banking in Switzerland to investments in entrepreneurs and startups.

Baur began his career in banking when he was only 16. He was a young financial expert, when he became an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. But it would be his transcendence through multiple companies, before he would see through his long term plan of building and supporting startup businesses. Bauer was a talented banker who chose to take his career path in an entirely different direction in 2014 with Swiss Startup Factory.

Baur and Swiss Factory also encourages young business owner to enter “pitching contests.” Competitions that occur at Swiss Universities enable 30 new entrepreneurs and company founders to publically speak about their business models, plans and products. Bauer has also founded “Think Reloaded,” which provided sophisticated financial advice for more affluent clients. This is about the time that Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI Invest.

Baur has stated before that Swiss Startup Factory is different from other incubators because it is independent. It does not operate as part of another company or business.



Fabletics: The Winning Champion in Sport and Fit Wear

Fabletics just launched in 2013, and it has already grown by over 200% for over $235 million in revenue and over one million paying members. Through crowd-sourced reviews, more and more customers are researching through those sites to determine whether or not they should shop at different stores. And through paying attention to customers and the reviews, Fabletics has leveraged greatly.


According to BrightLocal, 84% of people rely on reviews online as much as they do personal recommendations from people they know. Another report has shown that 60% of people won’t do business with companies when seeing negative reviews about them. Also, more consumer brands feature customer reviews on their sites and pages to drive sales, according to the L2 research team.


Yelp reported that an extra half star rating increases the sales in restaurants by 19% more often, and an extra one star rating increases sales in restaurants by 5 to 9% in revenue. Thus, single percentage points can determine how well sales go for other industries as well, such as retail, luxury goods, travel, and food and beverage.


Trustpilot, one of the biggest global review sites, reported that global trend is growing due to what customers say the brand is, instead of what the company says their brand is. And Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group couldn’t agree more. They stated how crowdsourcing benefits their brands by forcing them to be customer focused and transparent. Many businesses say they do the same thing, but most of them can’t to see through the customers’ eyes. Knowing all of this, executives of Fabletics and TechStyle Fashion Group use data and empathy to run their business. They know the seriousness of knowing what people want by truly listening to customers’ circumstances and tastes.


Kate Hudson’s Take on the Winning Athleisure Brand


With all of Fabletics’ astronomical success, the naysayers who said that athleisure fad is dead are possibly eating crow because they are shamefully proven wrong. Fabletics’ growth has flown through the roof and back, and their future continues to look bright. They are now working on opening 12 more stores this year in addition to the 22 retail stores already opened. Also, Fabletics’ membership base is experiencing continual growth, successful partnerships with celebs, such as Demi Lovato, are establishing, data-driven approach is used for manufacturing, and they are poised for rapid growth for the next several years.


With all of this success, Kate Hudson is really proud of her business accolades, but she is an artist first of all. So, she will continue her acting while continuing to expand her business too.


Karl Heideck Strives To Ensure Employers Adhere To The Law On Employment And Employees Get Their Rights

In Pennsylvania, Labor laws are never constant. Employers are advised to stay abreast with the laws. Below are laws that apply to all employers in Pennsylvania.

The Fair Labor Law Standards Act
The law gives the guideline on the issue of minimum wage. Elements contained in the law include overtime and working hours. Employers need to note that the federal minimum wage and the state minimum wage are different. As of June this year, the law set the minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. The state companies and contractors have been paying $10.15 since last year. The general rule is to pay the higher of the two if unsure of which to use.

The Family and Medical Leave Act
This law safeguards the employees from being fired or denied their health insurance if they take an unpaid leave on medical or family grounds. It allows 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave under special circumstances. They include when the employee is seriously sick, caring for their seriously sick family members, giving birth or caring for a toddler, adopting a new child, and when a family member who is a military officer is injured.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
The law came into place in 1967. The law safeguards older employees from being discriminated. Government organizations and contractors are the only ones affected by this law.

IRS Worker Classification
The law guides employers on whether to withhold taxes from employees’ salaries. It is important for employers to know which workers to classify as employees.

Hiring, Harassment, and Discrimination: Equal Employment Laws
Discrimination of employees based on race, religion, age and other special parameters is guided by several commissions. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission guides companies with at least 15 employees. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act guides companies with four to fourteen workers.

Situation-Specific Laws
There are other rules that the city, county or township can create. Employers need to be aware of them. One such law is from Philadelphia that restricts employers from asking potential employees about their salary history.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a great lawyer with interests in matters of employment. Karl Heideck studied at Swarthmore College and the Temple University– James E. Beasley School of Law.

Karl Heideck entered the job market as an associate for Conrad O’Brien in 2010. He then moved to Pepper Hamilton LLP as a Project Attorney. Karl Heideck is currently a Contract Attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA.

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Talk Fusion Is The Solution

It is no surprise that Talk Fusion won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, which is their second award from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. It speaks to the type of company they are and the kind of people that are working so hard to get this product right, each and every single day. In this link, http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime, they are very complimentary of what is going on over at Talk Fusion, as they should be because they are a company that is on the rise and has been on the rise since they started in 2007.


Like all the great companies out there, they were ahead of their time, which is a great place to be in the world, especially the tech world, which can be a hard work to get ahead in, that is for sure. There are a lot of companies and a lot of ideas out there, but Talk Fusion has that “it” factor and that is something that makes people stand up and pay attention. Because they have the “it” factor, they are able to keep customers coming back for more and also attract new customers, which is no easy feat with so many companies out there. Learn more: https://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/video-conferencing-services/talk-fusion-in-brandon-fl-90033972


It starts with Bob Reina, but there are also so many other parts of the company that make it run as smoothly as it does such as the IT team. It was a tremendous gesture on his part because many CEOs or leaders are always quick to give themselves all of the praise in a certain situation, especially an award-winning situation. That is why people do the type of work they do for Bob Reina and respond to him in the way that they do either as an employee or a customer. They know this is a man that is well aware of what the product does and the people that make it happen. Learn more: https://talkfusion.com/en


He is keenly aware of everything going on with Talk Fusion on the inside and outside, so he is never confused or in the dark when it comes to the company.

Click here: https://www.talkfusion.com/en/login

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Securus Technologies – Contributing Greatly to the Correctional Space

Securus Technologies is the name to reckon with in the field of crime prevention, inmate communications, and criminal justice technology. The company has helped in ways more than one to bring a positive change in the industry with the influence of advanced technology that the company continues to launch to assist the end users. The primary aim of the group is to build technology that would help the prisoners to reconnect with their families, friends, and loved ones. The company also provides the government’s information management system technology and parolee tracking services along with other investigative services to the law enforcement agencies.



In a recent move, the company released a press release on the web that contained the comments taken from the letters written to the company by the officials of the various law enforcement agencies from across the country. The letters talked about how the advanced technology offered by Securus Technologies is helping make a positive difference in the industry and keeping the criminals in check.



As per the reports, the services provided by Securus Technologies are playing a vital role in reducing the crime rate in the community and within the prison as well. Securus Technologies’ CEO, Rick Smith believes in keeping an active communication with its investors and customers, and it is for this reason, he used the press release as an opportunity to invite the clients and investors of the company to visit Securus Technologies’ technology center based in Dallas, Texas.



Securus Technologies aims to make itself one of the leaders in the correctional space, and even though the company is relatively young compared to its counterparts, it has made a significant impact in the industry. As a police officer myself, I know the difference I feel when I use the products and services of Securus Technologies and hope they continue to advance the sector through their services.




Inmate Communication

Whitney Wolfe, Founder Of Bumble Opens The Hive, A Pop-Up Space In New York City

Bumble is a popular female dating application that has been operating since 2014.Bumble is also the first online app for dating to open a pop-Up space in the streets of Soho in New York City.The location set-up, known as The Hive, was safely designed for potential clients hang out and people as well as attend various events. The events program will comprise of a panel with the Skimm founders hosted by Whitney Wolfe who serves as Bumble’s founder and CEO.

The Hive

Apart from Whitney Wolfe, there will be style sessions conducted by Drybar and a Mingle and Mentor session led by Forbes at the Hive to celebrate women empowerment. The pop-up location is in New York city on 158 Mercer Street, 10012. The guests at BumbleHiveNYC will have complimentary snacks and drinks with interactive sessions from exceptional entrepreneurs and leaders. Currently, Bumble Plans to retain the pop-up space for a month with a high possibility for extension or expansion in new cities.

On 1st June, The Hive opened and had celebrations with complementary deals for brunch and happy hour and a grand set up by top Deejays. The pop-up for Bumble has a cafe and bar. Also, clients can purchase Bumble merchandise and the proceeds will benefit charitable organizations. People can attend the free events by either physically dropping by or doing an RSVP on EventBrite. The feedback from Bumble users has been mainly positive with low levels of reported cases for harassment.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has a major in International Studies that she obtained from Southern Methodist University. After graduating, she worked in South East Asia at various orphanages. Afterwards, she progressed when she returned to America to work at Hatch Labs. Whitney has also served as Tinder’s co-founder and former VP.

Wolfe is a young business entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes Under 30. Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App has approximately 12.5 million users answering the numbers keep rapidly increasing in the UK. Wolfe was inspired to create Bumble based on women’s reluctance nature to initiate conversation. As a result, the dating app was created so that a woman can make the first move and be in control of the relationship.

Founder of Bumble

Your perfect wedding venue

While it’s true that the most important aspect of your wedding day is your spouse, the second biggest decision is where you will marry. There are several details to keep in mind when choosing this important local.


When you envision your wedding day how does it look? The setting you choose will give you the canvas to paint that perfect picture. If you want an floral arch to stand under overlooking the ocean, a barn just will not do. Pick an appropriate setting and build from there.


Your wedding day is just that, Yours! However, your guests need to be considered also. How many of your loved ones you invite might also dictate the size of your venue. If you have guests with special needs you may need to keep them in mind. While they should not distract from your memorable event, it is important to plan accordingly when it comes to your guests.


For some, money is not an object when it comes to nuptials, but for many the budget will be the deciding factor in many of the decisions. Does your venue offer packages? What is included? Can you afford extras, if not included in any packages? These are some important things to consider. Also, some venues may be great for wedding only, or may offer wedding and reception. Or perhaps your choice is to marry in one venue, with the reception to follow elsewhere. For example, you may want to get married in your favorite spot in Central Park, and then head to an indoor venue nearby for your celebratory wedding receptions in NYC.


Your wedding will be amazing with the right setting. The choices will be overwhelming but not impossible. If you need guidance a wedding planner is suggested.